The Dimattia creative universe is distinguished by consistent references collection after collection.

Dimattia’s stylistic identity is expressed through the choice of high quality materials and sophisticated tailored solutions, enhanced with coordinated details and accessories.

The Dimattia collections exemplify a contemporary and urban total look with an international appeal.

Originality defines each Dimattia collection.

Those who wear Dimattia are above all themselves, at ease at any time of the day and in any situation.

Each creation has a unique identity, just like the personality of the wearer.

The Dimattia brand is attentive to how people dress in everyday life and offer refined and casual wear suitable to be worn every day.



Our mission is to achieve absolute excellence in the creation and production of clothing items.

We do this through constant research of the highest levels in terms of product, attention to service, technological innovation and preservation of traditional skills, to guarantee the highest quality and complete satisfaction of customers and final consumers.


The product is made according to strict quality standards.

Each model is unique.

Right from the design stage, we are constantly searching for the best materials and the most advanced technologies and techniques to create an exclusive product.

The control of the production chain comes from the extensive industrial experience of Sigari S.r.l, the company that created the Dimattia brand and that has the ability to guarantee the industrial processes.


The collections express a global style, suitable for any market.

The brand communication is inserted in the trends of international fashion campaigns, and can be transposed in any country, generating great interest and success.

The Dimattia brand and its advertising campaigns are based on a strictly fashion-oriented concept. This contemporary language gives the brand an international appeal.

The advertising strategy focused on promoting the brand in well-known magazines of the sector, which position Dimattia among the big names in the fashion system, as confirmation of the quality of the project developed by Sigari S.r.l.

The brand’s steady growth on the market comes from its commercial consistency, which offers the highest quality product for complete satisfaction of the Customer and final Consumer, initiatives to support the brand, as well as careful selection of the areas where Dimattia has decided to activate its actions.


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